Frequently Asked Questions

Is SaveDay® a bundled 401(k) provider?

Yes, we are a fully bundled provider.

How much does an account cost with SaveDay®?

We pride ourselves on simple, transparent and easy to understand pricing.

We cover all regular services within our all-in fee of ~0.45%

Here’s the breakdown:

  • SaveDay® charges the lowest fees in the industry at only 0.35% OR $3.50 per $1,000 invested annually — about $0.29 per month
  • The underlying portfolio of ETFs charge between 0.08-0.11%

Additional fees may be assessed for services that fall outside regular services. Those may include overnight mailing, wire transfer fees, or other third party services.

Is there a plan establishment fee?
No. We want you to get your money working for you as soon as possible.
What does SaveDay® charge for ADP/ACP testing and Form 5500 reporting?

$0 There is no additional costs for ADP/ACP testing or 5500 reporting.

Does SaveDay® offer custody, administration and record-keeping as part of its service?

Yes, We offer all aspects of running and administering a 401(k) plan including, custody, trust and recordkeeping. This is all included as part of our ongoing service to you and your employees. 

What is a Safe Harbor 401(k)?

To learn more about Safe Harbor 401(k) plans, click here.