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At SaveDay®, we know what businesses need and have developed a simple, straightforward process in selecting the perfect 401(k) plan, even for the smallest company.  Using our proven guide, you uncover hidden fees and take the guesswork out of selecting the 401(k) that is right for you and your employees.   

Too many choices…

Trying to review every 401(k) to find the perfect fit for your company may feel overwhelming. There are so many choices, and everyone claims to have the perfect solution.  But, how do you know which one is perfect, if you can’t easily compare each provider side by side? At SaveDay, we want to give you the tools you need to make the most informed choice. Simply fill out the form and we’ll give you The 401(k) Guide. Use this guide when comparing 401(k) providers to make the most informed decision.

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Use our proven 401(k) Guide to avoid paying high, hidden fees:

Set-Up Fees

We live in a world supported by automation. Set-up fees are an unecessary burden for employers.

Monthly Fees

Subscription or monthly fees are often over looked as small or trival expenses. But they add up… FAST!

Per Employee Fee

Just another overlooked fee. Plans don’t need to get expensive just becuase someone joins the company.