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$0 cost 401(K)

Other 401(k) providers are taking your money

Did you know your company retirement plan is riddled with fees? Even small, simple fees can add up to a loss of more than 30% of your retirement savings.

Lower the cost of your 401(k) with SaveDay®

no set-up fee
no monthly fee
no per employee fee
no reporting fee

How Works


1. Sign Up

SaveDay® will guide you in setting up a fully functioning 401(k) plan.  You can test drive the experience and then invite your employees to join, too.

2. Enroll Employees

Whether they are automatically enrolled or sign up on their own, employees can get in and out with SaveDay®’s simple and quick on-boarding experience.

3. SaveDay® Does the Rest

SaveDay® provides the ongoing payroll instructions and regularly monitors and rebalances accounts. We also provide regular reports and updates to you and your employees.

How is SaveDay® Different?

Low Cost

No set-up. No monthly fee. No reporting fee. Participant paid fees a low 0.35% per annum. 

Retains Employees

Employees plan for their future confidently. Low fees = larger nest egg at retirement.

Personalized Advice

High-quality and personalized advice in choosing the best investment and retirement plan.

Complete Solution

Leading edge technology and security. Regulatory reporting managed for you.

Sign up for a SaveDay®, $0 cost 401(k)

"Solid offering, easy to work with, responsive. Our team said the process to enroll was also very easy."

Chris Yarrow
Managing Partner, The Hiring Group

“I love being able to provide my employees a retirement plan at $0 cost to me. We are a very small business and the monthly costs of a retirement plan were prohibitive”

Charleen Merced
Partner, Merced & Pol, LLC 

After researching 401(k) companies, SaveDay came out as the one fitting all my needs.”

Dmitri Naidionov
Principal, Vingis Corp. 

“The SaveDay system is extremely easy to use and lowest cost option out there“

Jessica Hanson
Director, Agility Energy, Inc.