Partner with SaveDay

There is power in numbers. We believe the most powerful resource is a network of like-minded businesses and individuals focused on building long-term relationships for mutual benefit.

As a member of our referral program, you will engage with business owners to inform them of SaveDay’s products and services, ultimately referring them to SaveDay. In your partnership with us, you will receive compensation for each referral that becomes an active client with SaveDay.

Why partner with us?

SaveDay is the fastest-growing 401(k) provider in the nation, breaking down the barriers of tradition with transparency.

Since our inception, we’ve maintained more than 97% of our clients. Client retention is only achievable when you’re reliable.
Providing the highest service with the most cost-effective solutions is where value is created.
As a team with 60+ years of combined experience in the investment industry, we know what matters most.
Rapid Growth
We are the fastest-growing 401(k) provider in the U.S. No other provider offers a zero-cost plan.
Strategic Focus
Eliminating pain-points that prevented small businesses from opening a 401(k) has and always be will at the forefront of our mission.
Satisfied Customers
We always treat our fiduciary responsibility and clients with the utmost importance. Our clients are our highest priority.

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