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U-Haul Dealer Benefits Partnership

Save time, money, and the administrative headache of offering retirement plans with SaveDay’s $0 employer-cost, no-hassle plans. We made the 401(k) more affordable, so more people can have one. Keep reading to learn more, or –

Nearly 38 Million Americans, working for small businesses, have zero access to retirement benefits.

Finding affordable retirement benefits can be a headache. Spending thousands in start-up costs and losing time to the administrative burden of setting up a plan, only to find limited plan offerings with high fees for participants? There’s a better way: SaveDay is the $0 employer-cost, no-hassle solution.

Introducing the SaveDay Classic 401(k) Plan, customized for U-Haul Dealers.

This plan offers immediate eligibility to all employees, who will be auto-enrolled into a traditional, low-risk portfolio with a 3% contribution rate. This plan is not eligible for employer matching. Employees can opt-out and/or change their contribution levels at any time.

If you have questions or would like to customize a plan, please contact

Retirement Benefits – the SaveDay Way

Compliance Services

No hassle – enjoy complimentary record-keeping, fiduciary, and compliance services

Payroll Integration

SaveDay integrates directly with your payroll to securely access and process contributions


Opt-out models dramatically increase participation and simplify on-boarding

Get Ahead of State Mandates!

Low Contribution Limits

State plans offer IRAs, with a max contribution limit of $6,500. 401(k)s have a limit of $22,500, giving employees much more room to grow their portfolio.

Penalties for Non-Compliance

Multiple states are already penalizing businesses who don't comply with their requirements or miss enrollment deadlines.

All Work, No Pay

State-facilitated IRAs are not eligible for up to $16,500 in SECURE Act tax credits that 401(k) plan sponsors can apply for.

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Stand out in the hiring process, retain your best talents, and help your employees prepare for retirement. With SaveDay, there’s no middle man, zero employer cost, and low participant fees – the way retirement planning was supposed to be.
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